My Duty as a Canadian

Today I want to talk about my duty as a Canadian and what that means to me. Before I get started though, please note that this is my duty and although you might share similar thoughts I don’t expect every Canadian to uphold this duty.

What is my duty as a Canadian?

My duty is as a Canadian to take the national anthem seriously, and protect freedom not only here at home but anywhere in the world where freedom is in danger. And I’m not ashamed to say I must also serve God, as a Canadian enveloped in western civilization–I see this as my duty, as the word of God is in danger across the word. Here in Canada, we are blessed because we serve God. Our Canadian businesses are blessed. And we bless others with the best services we can provide.

I must not be selfish. I must lift people up, not bring them down. My duty as a Canadian is to do all this and be as kind to strangers as I can. Kindness and a helping hand, from one part of the earth to the other. That’s my duty and I feel this way because I’m so grateful and fortunate to live here in a free country. For all the people who are not as well off, I owe them my kindness, because I am Canadian.

Thank you.

Appliance Repair Halifax’s Recommended Folk Music Artists

As part of our 2021 goal of helping Canadian folk artists, we wanted to share a list of the favourite folk artists of one of Halifax’s top local companies (Appliance Repair Halifax, (902) 201-9415). These appliance repair men and women listen to folk music almost everyday, whether at work or at home, and their taste can be trusted by other folk lovers by the fact that they live in Halifax (Canada’s most history-rich city) alone. So let’s get started with the list.

List of Canadian Folk Music Recommended by the Company “Appliance Repair Halifax”

  1. Maud Lewis (she’s from Nova Scotia and painted folk art, didn’t make folk music, but still worth sharing)
  2. Dallas Green
  3. Sarah Harmer
  4. Ian Tyson
  5. Matt Minglewood
  6. The Acorns
  7. Steve Bell
  8. Jacob Moon
  9. Corky and the Juice Pigs
  10. (and last but not least) Jenny Whitely

We hope you enjoyed this list and implore you to support local artists!

Once again thanks to Appliance Repair Halifax for the list of your favourite folk artists. If any of our beloved readers live in the Halifax area and ever need appliance repair service, we highly recommend these guys. Remember, you can call them at (902) 201-9415.

To check out our last post about appliance repair, click here.

Bye for now.

Celebrating New Years with Folk Music

Now we’re not ones to stay up all night like we used to. But it’s New Years today and we got no work on our schedule. We got the folk music up high and the beverages flowing. We’re celebrating New Years 2021 with local Canadian folk music and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shot out to everyone else out there using New Years as an excuse to replay all your favorite folk albums and sit back with good friends and family all day. You’re awesome. If you’re still working but got folk music playing in the background then you’re still awesome too!

Our goal for 2021 is simple: Help support Canadian folk artists.

We also hope to discover new rising folk artists and musicians of all sorts in 2021. There’s lots of young talent out there and lots of great music to be made.

Have a blast this a year, folks. Remember, life is supposed to be enjoyed. Or at least that’s what they say in a song lyric.

Why Roof Demossers and Roof Cleaners Should Get Along With Appliance Repair Companies in British Columbia, Canada

This is a question you might not have expected to hear today, but, well, here we go! Why should roof cleaners and appliance repairmen get along? The answer answered simply is so: it’s the same reason why tow truck drivers and auto detailers should get along. Residential, domestic appliance repair companies work to serve the family home, as do roof cleaners and roof de-mossing experts. This is just like towing companies and auto detailing companies both serve the family vehicle. At the end of the day, we should all get along for the same reasons. We’re all working together to make civilization work. In other words, we are civilization. Each one of us wakes up everyday and has a profound impact on the world, and without this phenomenon civilization wouldn’t work.

You don’t have to take a masters degree in sociology and psychology to understand that roof cleaning companies should get along with appliance repair companies. They often serve the same home at the same time, so they might as well wave hello to each other. After all, there would be no roofs to clean if a family couldn’t live comfortably in a house with appliances. Likewise, there would be no appliances to fix if rooftops rotted from moss and neglect.

This has been my ramble for the day and I invite you to check back soon for more interesting content about folk music as loved by appliance repairmen and roof cleaners! 

Using Music to Wind Down After Work

Some of us use music to wind up in the morning. I know I do. I love classic rock for getting myself energized and rocking productively in the morning. Like an alderman getting ready to speak at council who went to the church choir to fill his heart with spirit and motivation, I, too, use music to shape the way my heart feels. I know music has the power to do this because music is vibration, and the protons and neutrons in our atoms are also vibrating. Music has the wherewithal to shape our emotions in ways no other medium has.

So for those of you who are like me and enjoy music to wake up and get the day started, have you considered also using music to calm down and settle at the end of the day? Here I will recommend some good music for doing this:

  1. The Gregorian Chant
  2. Bach
  3. Vivaldi
  4. Mediterranean mandolin music
  5. Renaissance lute music
  6. Ancient Chinese music

I highly recommend checking these out for winding down at the end of the day. Especially after hitting the gym and getting your system all hyped up, this calming music has the potential to alleviate our tensions and stresses so that we can relax, sit down and read a book without twitching in our seats. Try it!

And if all else fails, you can always listen to some good folk music!

Best of luck in your relaxation tonight!

The Secret of a Vancouver BC Appliance Repairman

Earlier today I made a post about my excitement for new folk music in 2019. Since then and now, I was blessed by an email from one of my readers and it inspired me to make a follow-up post. The man who got in contact with me a is a full-time industrial refrigeration technician in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was very inspired by my post and taught me a very, very valuable secret. Apparently this appliance technician is also a part-time folk singer and his New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to put a new folk music band together! He sent me a sample of his music via an MP3 file and I was so touched by his talent I literally cried.

After I finished crying, I listened to the MP3 several more times with a friend of mine and started dancing. It’s amazing how a blog post can reach high and far for many, many miles to inspire such talented individuals. He said he wouldn’t have made this New Year’s resolution if it wasn’t for my inspiring post. I feel so honored to have motivated such a talented young man.

We promised to keep in contact and I’m going to critique his new band’s album before it’s released. First, he has to put his band together but he already has a guitar player who can also play the harmonica. I couldn’t be more happy about this. Apparently this young appliance repairman is addicted to listening to all the old folk classics and has been following my blog since before I rebuilt it in mid-2018. So thank you, kind man! I look forward to playing your album when it comes out! He told me he has a hilarious song all about fixing fridges and ovens for all the lovely people of Vancouver BC. I can’t wait to hear it!

The company this refrigeration technician works for is and I’ll make sure to choose them whenever I’m in Vancouver BC. I hope you do, too! Depending on if it’s a big job, my new appliance repairman friend would even be willing to travel out to Kaslo, although this is a special privilege for me because he wants to get together for coffee and fixing an appliance of mine would just be an excuse. I recently moved back to Kaslo and so this is exciting for me. I might just break my fridge on purpose to take advantage of this (just kidding).

So if you’re an old folk music lover like me, you now have cause to be excited. There will be a great Canadian folk album coming out relatively soon! I hope you’re as excited as I am. Folk music is my passion and this means a lot to me. The fact that a young appliance repairman from Vancouver BC reached out to me thanks to my blog has made my whole year, let alone my day. It has inspired me to listen to all the old folk music classics all over again and now I can’t stop listening!

Stay tuned for more inspiring posts! 

Looking Forward to New Folk Music in 2019?

Who said all the best folk music is old? Some of the best folk music I ever heard has come out in recent years. I’m so excited to catch the new talent coming out in 2019. I just want to throw my hands up and cheer!

Now it’s really crucial that if you know people who are making folk music in this new day and age that you motivate and inspire them as much as possible because old people like me are counting on them to bring our memories alive! With that said, though, don’t rush them. True folk music lovers like me are willing to wait a long time to hear a new quality album.

Now is the time for young folk music artists to hone their skills, not flaunt them. The future of folk music depends on them. They must keep it alive, no matter what. Patience is key. And I really hope the music that comes out in 2019 is quality. I’m noticing a revival of folk music as young people gain inspiration from the classics. Let’s make 2019 a great year for folk music and I can’t wait to meet all you at the local Kaslo festivals!

Cheers to 2019 folk music!

You a Musician Looking to Make it Big? Learn to Micro Manage!

Being your own boss is not for everyone. If you can’t micro manage, making it big in any field will be difficult. For example, a musician wanting to reach fame and glory can’t just be what TV shows as “the life of a rock star.” I’m sorry but drinking and smoking and playing the guitar on a beach all day won’t get you those thousand dollar venues nor have you honing down on the science of what music really sells. You have to make music you hate sometimes, and there are other things that most musicians just can’t do but are required in order to succeed. Having an agent, managers and helpers are things that can help the micro managing get done without stress. If you get the right set up with a label, however, you’ll still need to do more than just remember your lyrics and show up at the airport on time. There’s sound checks, meetings, public appearances, interviews, writing new songs, copy writing, photo shoots and you need to know when, where and how you’re going to do all these things many times each month!

I’m not saying this to scare any young people away from following their dreams. On the contrary, I want to get you prepared for making your dream a reality. The secret is to find joy in micro managing so that all this minute detail stuff becomes a habit ingrained within you and therefore requires no effort and perforce causes no stress. Develop the habit of writing things down and grinding things out and micro goals won’t start adding up to drive you mad. Build a team that can help with these things, a team you can trust and know that some months will be better than others. Put your heart in the game and the game will bless your heart!

My brother became a somewhat of a big shot folk music success back in our old city but he wasn’t willing to do what it takes to take things to the next level. He wanted to reach the next level but maybe he should have read more from us folk music experts because I believe he had what it takes but he just didn’t know how to bring it about for himself.

Just remember if you want help, you got to be ready to help yourself first. Help yourself by preparing your mind and developing the habits needed to wake up early and grind away at your passion even when you feel like napping all day. You can do it!

Moss on Roof Shingles Looks Good in Folk Music Videos, BUT….

This blog post is the result of an entertaining discussion I had with my local roof cleaner. My friends operate an underground folk music band and they wanted to shoot a video at my house only because everything was covered in moss. Two weeks ago, before the abovementioned discussion with my local roof cleaner, my friends shot their music video at my house. They were playing drums and guitars on my roof and I must admit all the moss gave the video that folk feel, especially because my home has a log cabin style exterior. But once the video was shot, the singer of my friends’ band openly admitted that the amount of moss on my roof was very concerning and he said I should get it demossed. He pulled up some articles online that showed why roof moss was a very bad thing.

Long story short, I took his words without salt, and immediately went on a search for a roof demossing company near me. I have multiple homes, but this one in particular is in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, so I did some looking around online for roof demossing Victoria BC. After getting quotes from several different moss removal businesses, I settled on one I thought was right for me. Their team was available to clean my roof the day after I called and, even though my house no longer has as much of a folk feel, I’m so glad I took the step to remove moss from my roof shingles because I saved myself a lot of hassle in the future.

So this blog post, as well as being a cool story, is also a warning to all you folk music lovers who haven’t demossed their roof because they like moss too much. Moss is very beautiful, so is lichen, but it doesn’t belong on our rooftops. Moss belongs out in nature with the spiders and mold, not in or on your home.

At least I managed to get a good music video out of my deteriorated roof. So my roof didn’t get damaged for nothing I guess. But now I guess you might be wondering what that discussion with my local roof cleaner was all about. As you know, here at Kaslo Folk Fest, we’re all about sharing cool info about folk music in general. I used to live in Kaslo for many years and still have a house there. I live there on and off throughout the year and am blessed to do so. But the roof cleaners in Victoria BC are on a different level when it comes to roof demossing techniques. My local roof cleaner was talking about how people in inner British Columbia are for the most part not as aware of the dangers of moss as they should be.

He said his dream is to spread the importance of getting rid of moss on roof shingles because it will impact the economy of not just British Columbia but Canada in general as moss will no longer be degrading the value of homes. This may affect the cost of homes across BC but it’s worth it, he says, because everyone in BC who owns a home should want their property to be worth more! That’s a good thing. It might not be good for the starving folk artist who dreams of buying a home in their thirties but it’s a good thing overall. I agreed with this kind man and now I share his mission. This is the whole reason why I’m writing about this today. We need to warn people with moss on their roof that by removing it the value of their home will rise, especially our fellow folk music lovers!

So thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you too will share this information with your friends and family. Until next time, stay safe and keep jamming to that good old folk music!

Music, a Peace Warrior’s Greatest Weapon

Unlike Rap, Pop and other popular music, Folk, Soul and other mature music tends to show more allegories hinting at social justice. Of course you see this in every genre, but folk music writers tend to be of a sophisticated level and share unique views into politics, whereas many popular genres couldn’t care less about politics.

Folk music, with guitar and harmonica, played by a single singer can be a devastating weapon in the war for social justice. One singer with a guitar can inspire a whole nation to act differently. Many say the pen is the most powerful weapon, but in the ancient tradition of oral speech in pre-Christian times when nearly everyone was illiterate, music was the greatest means of sharing ideas, music and the recited poem where no pen was needed. In ancient Greece, the ability to memorize powerful speeches was praised unlike it is today in the Age of Information, which is rather ironic. But today memory and recital still plays just as important a role as it did back in ancient Greece. We have illiterate people today in First Nations communities and in Africa who are arguably more intelligent than most New Age thinkers. Music for these people can be played without a pen, and it is so powerful for their people that it is in some cases the center of cultural growth. The emotion that you can feel from a bagpipe is no different than the emotion you feel from reading a dramatic book. Unlike writing a book, all music requires is a passionate heart, talent and the motivation to create. Unlike a book, you can go on the street and music can be heard by everyone. Without even words, the sounds of music can drive a listener to act in a more positive way, to appreciate the beauty around them.

Today, on this quick note, I want to ask you to never take music for granted. Music is taught in universities for a good reason, and in medieval times it was one of the central seven arts of teaching, right up there with astronomy and mathematics.

As we step away from the profanity of popular music and reach back into the root-music of our cultures’ origins, we find a kind of sophistication that reaches out to us and asks us to question our morality. Whether it’s the Soul of the African American ghetto or the Rockabilly of the rustic farmland, we hear stories of love and self-sacrifice so beautiful they make grown men and women cry. Today it’s so rewarding to see young people shedding away from trying to be “hip” and “cool” by blaring pointless music about sex and fancy cars, because these young people are the Peace Warriors of tomorrow, and the power of music will drive them to unthinkable levels.

But rap can be used for a good cause. Sometimes a rapper can shed light on something only he sees. My favorite example of this is Kam’s Holiday Madness. Most of America, I believe, should carefully listen to this song.

Thank you!