As part of our 2021 goal of helping Canadian folk artists, we wanted to share a list of the favourite folk artists of one of Halifax’s top local companies (Appliance Repair Halifax, (902) 201-9415). These appliance repair men and women listen to folk music almost everyday, whether at work or at home, and their taste can be trusted by other folk lovers by the fact that they live in Halifax (Canada’s most history-rich city) alone. So let’s get started with the list.

List of Canadian Folk Music Recommended by the Company “Appliance Repair Halifax”

  1. Maud Lewis (she’s from Nova Scotia and painted folk art, didn’t make folk music, but still worth sharing)
  2. Dallas Green
  3. Sarah Harmer
  4. Ian Tyson
  5. Matt Minglewood
  6. The Acorns
  7. Steve Bell
  8. Jacob Moon
  9. Corky and the Juice Pigs
  10. (and last but not least) Jenny Whitely

We hope you enjoyed this list and implore you to support local artists!

Once again thanks to Appliance Repair Halifax for the list of your favourite folk artists. If any of our beloved readers live in the Halifax area and ever need appliance repair service, we highly recommend these guys. Remember, you can call them at (902) 201-9415.

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Bye for now.