Appliance Repair Halifax’s Recommended Folk Music Artists

As part of our 2021 goal of helping Canadian folk artists, we wanted to share a list of the favourite folk artists of one of Halifax’s top local companies (Appliance Repair Halifax, (902) 201-9415). These appliance repair men and women listen to folk music almost everyday, whether at work or at home, and their taste […]

Celebrating New Years with Folk Music

Now we’re not ones to stay up all night like we used to. But it’s New Years today and we got no work on our schedule. We got the folk music up high and the beverages flowing. We’re celebrating New Years 2021 with local Canadian folk music and we wouldn’t have it any other way. […]

Why Roof Demossers and Roof Cleaners Should Get Along With Appliance Repair Companies in British Columbia, Canada

This is a question you might not have expected to hear today, but, well, here we go! Why should roof cleaners and appliance repairmen get along?┬áThe answer answered simply is so: it’s the same reason why tow truck drivers and auto detailers should get along. Residential, domestic appliance repair companies work to serve the family […]

Moss on Roof Shingles Looks Good in Folk Music Videos, BUT….

This blog post is the result of an entertaining discussion I had with my local roof cleaner. My friends operate an underground folk music band and they wanted to shoot a video at my house only because everything was covered in moss. Two weeks ago, before the abovementioned discussion with my local roof cleaner, my […]