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Looking Forward to New Folk Music in 2019?


Who said all the best folk music is old? Some of the best folk music I ever heard has come out in recent years. I’m so excited to catch the new talent coming out in 2019. I just want to throw my hands up and cheer! Now it’s really crucial that if you know people […]

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Moss on Roof Shingles Looks Good in Folk Music Videos, BUT….

moss on roof shingles

This blog post is the result of an entertaining discussion I had with my local roof cleaner. My friends operate an underground folk music band and they wanted to shoot a video at my house only because everything was covered in moss. Two weeks ago, before the abovementioned discussion with my local roof cleaner, my […]

Music, a Peace Warrior’s Greatest Weapon

peace warrior weapon

Unlike Rap, Pop and other popular music, Folk, Soul and other mature music tends to show more allegories hinting at social justice. Of course you see this in every genre, but folk music writers tend to be of a sophisticated level and share unique views into politics, whereas many popular genres couldn’t care less about […]

Submit Your Music! We’re Looking for Talent!

Do you make folk music? Do you want your music to be heard by a wider audience? Get a chance to perform in festivals around the world. if we think you have what it takes we’ll connect you with magazine interviews, recording time and radio showcases. Why do we do this? We’re trying to keep […]

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