Who said all the best folk music is old? Some of the best folk music I ever heard has come out in recent years. I’m so excited to catch the new talent coming out in 2019. I just want to throw my hands up and cheer!

Now it’s really crucial that if you know people who are making folk music in this new day and age that you motivate and inspire them as much as possible because old people like me are counting on them to bring our memories alive! With that said, though, don’t rush them. True folk music lovers like me are willing to wait a long time to hear a new quality album.

Now is the time for young folk music artists to hone their skills, not flaunt them. The future of folk music depends on them. They must keep it alive, no matter what. Patience is key. And I really hope the music that comes out in 2019 is quality. I’m noticing a revival of folk music as young people gain inspiration from the classics. Let’s make 2019 a great year for folk music and I can’t wait to meet all you at the local Kaslo festivals!

Cheers to 2019 folk music!