This blog post is the result of an entertaining discussion I had with my local roof cleaner. My friends operate an underground folk music band and they wanted to shoot a video at my house only because everything was covered in moss. Two weeks ago, before the abovementioned discussion with my local roof cleaner, my friends shot their music video at my house. They were playing drums and guitars on my roof and I must admit all the moss gave the video that folk feel, especially because my home has a log cabin style exterior. But once the video was shot, the singer of my friends’ band openly admitted that the amount of moss on my roof was very concerning and he said I should get it demossed. He pulled up some articles online that showed why roof moss was a very bad thing.

Long story short, I took his words without salt, and immediately went on a search for a roof demossing company near me. I have multiple homes, but this one in particular is in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, so I did some looking around online for roof demossing Victoria BC. After getting quotes from several different moss removal businesses, I settled on one I thought was right for me. Their team was available to clean my roof the day after I called and, even though my house no longer has as much of a folk feel, I’m so glad I took the step to remove moss from my roof shingles because I saved myself a lot of hassle in the future.

So this blog post, as well as being a cool story, is also a warning to all you folk music lovers who haven’t demossed their roof because they like moss too much. Moss is very beautiful, so is lichen, but it doesn’t belong on our rooftops. Moss belongs out in nature with the spiders and mold, not in or on your home.

At least I managed to get a good music video out of my deteriorated roof. So my roof didn’t get damaged for nothing I guess. But now I guess you might be wondering what that discussion with my local roof cleaner was all about. As you know, here at Kaslo Folk Fest, we’re all about sharing cool info about folk music in general. I used to live in Kaslo for many years and still have a house there. I live there on and off throughout the year and am blessed to do so. But the roof cleaners in Victoria BC are on a different level when it comes to roof demossing techniques. My local roof cleaner was talking about how people in inner British Columbia are for the most part not as aware of the dangers of moss as they should be.

He said his dream is to spread the importance of getting rid of moss on roof shingles because it will impact the economy of not just British Columbia but Canada in general as moss will no longer be degrading the value of homes. This may affect the cost of homes across BC but it’s worth it, he says, because everyone in BC who owns a home should want their property to be worth more! That’s a good thing. It might not be good for the starving folk artist who dreams of buying a home in their thirties but it’s a good thing overall. I agreed with this kind man and now I share his mission. This is the whole reason why I’m writing about this today. We need to warn people with moss on their roof that by removing it the value of their home will rise, especially our fellow folk music lovers!

So thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you too will share this information with your friends and family. Until next time, stay safe and keep jamming to that good old folk music!