Today I want to talk about my duty as a Canadian and what that means to me. Before I get started though, please note that this is my duty and although you might share similar thoughts I don’t expect every Canadian to uphold this duty.

What is my duty as a Canadian?

My duty is as a Canadian to take the national anthem seriously, and protect freedom not only here at home but anywhere in the world where freedom is in danger. And I’m not ashamed to say I must also serve God, as a Canadian enveloped in western civilization–I see this as my duty, as the word of God is in danger across the word. Here in Canada, we are blessed because we serve God. Our Canadian businesses are blessed. And we bless others with the best services we can provide.

I must not be selfish. I must lift people up, not bring them down. My duty as a Canadian is to do all this and be as kind to strangers as I can. Kindness and a helping hand, from one part of the earth to the other. That’s my duty and I feel this way because I’m so grateful and fortunate to live here in a free country. For all the people who are not as well off, I owe them my kindness, because I am Canadian.

Thank you.