Earlier today I made a post about my excitement for new folk music in 2019. Since then and now, I was blessed by an email from one of my readers and it inspired me to make a follow-up post. The man who got in contact with me a is a full-time industrial refrigeration technician in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was very inspired by my post and taught me a very, very valuable secret. Apparently this appliance technician is also a part-time folk singer and his New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to put a new folk music band together! He sent me a sample of his music via an MP3 file and I was so touched by his talent I literally cried.

After I finished crying, I listened to the MP3 several more times with a friend of mine and started dancing. It’s amazing how a blog post can reach high and far for many, many miles to inspire such talented individuals. He said he wouldn’t have made this New Year’s resolution if it wasn’t for my inspiring post. I feel so honored to have motivated such a talented young man.

We promised to keep in contact and I’m going to critique his new band’s album before it’s released. First, he has to put his band together but he already has a guitar player who can also play the harmonica. I couldn’t be more happy about this. Apparently this young appliance repairman is addicted to listening to all the old folk classics and has been following my blog since before I rebuilt it in mid-2018. So thank you, kind man! I look forward to playing your album when it comes out! He told me he has a hilarious song all about fixing fridges and ovens for all the lovely people of Vancouver BC. I can’t wait to hear it!

The company this refrigeration technician works for is https://www.werepairappliances.ca/ and I’ll make sure to choose them whenever I’m in Vancouver BC. I hope you do, too! Depending on if it’s a big job, my new appliance repairman friend would even be willing to travel out to Kaslo, although this is a special privilege for me because he wants to get together for coffee and fixing an appliance of mine would just be an excuse. I recently moved back to Kaslo and so this is exciting for me. I might just break my fridge on purpose to take advantage of this (just kidding).

So if you’re an old folk music lover like me, you now have cause to be excited. There will be a great Canadian folk album coming out relatively soon! I hope you’re as excited as I am. Folk music is my passion and this means a lot to me. The fact that a young appliance repairman from Vancouver BC reached out to me thanks to my blog has made my whole year, let alone my day. It has inspired me to listen to all the old folk music classics all over again and now I can’t stop listening!

Stay tuned for more inspiring posts!