This is a question you might not have expected to hear today, but, well, here we go! Why should roof cleaners and appliance repairmen get along? The answer answered simply is so: it’s the same reason why tow truck drivers and auto detailers should get along. Residential, domestic appliance repair companies work to serve the family home, as do roof cleaners and roof de-mossing experts. This is just like towing companies and auto detailing companies both serve the family vehicle. At the end of the day, we should all get along for the same reasons. We’re all working together to make civilization work. In other words, we are civilization. Each one of us wakes up everyday and has a profound impact on the world, and without this phenomenon civilization wouldn’t work.

You don’t have to take a masters degree in sociology and psychology to understand that roof cleaning companies should get along with appliance repair companies. They often serve the same home at the same time, so they might as well wave hello to each other. After all, there would be no roofs to clean if a family couldn’t live comfortably in a house with appliances. Likewise, there would be no appliances to fix if rooftops rotted from moss and neglect.

This has been my ramble for the day and I invite you to check back soon for more interesting content about folk music as loved by appliance repairmen and roof cleaners!