Being your own boss is not for everyone. If you can’t micro manage, making it big in any field will be difficult. For example, a musician wanting to reach fame and glory can’t just be what TV shows as “the life of a rock star.” I’m sorry but drinking and smoking and playing the guitar on a beach all day won’t get you those thousand dollar venues nor have you honing down on the science of what music really sells. You have to make music you hate sometimes, and there are other things that most musicians just can’t do but are required in order to succeed. Having an agent, managers and helpers are things that can help the micro managing get done without stress. If you get the right set up with a label, however, you’ll still need to do more than just remember your lyrics and show up at the airport on time. There’s sound checks, meetings, public appearances, interviews, writing new songs, copy writing, photo shoots and you need to know when, where and how you’re going to do all these things many times each month!

I’m not saying this to scare any young people away from following their dreams. On the contrary, I want to get you prepared for making your dream a reality. The secret is to find joy in micro managing so that all this minute detail stuff becomes a habit ingrained within you and therefore requires no effort and perforce causes no stress. Develop the habit of writing things down and grinding things out and micro goals won’t start adding up to drive you mad. Build a team that can help with these things, a team you can trust and know that some months will be better than others. Put your heart in the game and the game will bless your heart!

My brother became a somewhat of a big shot folk music success back in our old city but he wasn’t willing to do what it takes to take things to the next level. He wanted to reach the next level but maybe he should have read more from us folk music experts because I believe he had what it takes but he just didn’t know how to bring it about for himself.

Just remember if you want help, you got to be ready to help yourself first. Help yourself by preparing your mind and developing the habits needed to wake up early and grind away at your passion even when you feel like napping all day. You can do it!